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by admin on Oct 20, 2009

Do you ever wonder if Web design is dead, considering the proliferation of blogs and blog templates available on the Internet today? Web design is not dead, and Web design blogs abound that can help you hone Web design skills. The following list of top fifty Web design resource blogs is listed in alphabetical order to show readers that we do not favor one blog over another.

  1. 2experts Design: This blog, created and developed by Akhtar Sheikha, a Pakistani designer, offers creative design resources that span the range from graphic to logo and Web design, advertising and branding.
  2. 456 Berea St.: Roger Johansson is a Swedish web professional who has been working with the web and other interactive media since 1994. Use this blog to learn about Web standards, accessibility, usability and Web design.
  3. A List Apart: This site is just for people who make Web sites, and it’s filled with content such as code, tutorials, design problems, process and user and accessibility solutions.
  4. Andy Sowards: It seems that Andy is everywhere — Twitter, Facebook and at his blog linked here. Everywhere he goes, he disseminates information about Web design through links to resources and new-found tutorials.
  5. Bittbox: Jay Hilgert is a designer, blogger, Web enthusiast and Apple geek. He shares his workflow tips and quality tools at this blog.
  6. Boxes and Arrows: This Web zine is devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design; including graphic design, interaction design, information architecture and the design of business.
  7. Colorburned: Look to this site for more than color information. Learn more about vectors and brushes through tutorials and inspirational interviews.
  8. Colourlovers: Color can be a difficult subject for any designer to tackle, but this site makes color coordination easy. Plus, the design ideas using color palettes often are amazing.
  9. CSS Tricks: Every Web designer needs a few CSS tricks up his or her sleeve. If that sleeve isn’t large enough, then keep this blog on speed dial.
  10. Design You Trust: This blog is an open public, daily-updated top design blog filled with resources for designers. A word of caution — some content is suggested for mature audiences only.
  11. DESIGNM.AG: Get involved. This is a community-based site for Web designers and developers with a news section, design gallery and design job board.
  12. DesignReviver: Look for freebies, inspiration, tutorials and more from a site that insists that design is not dead.
  13. DevLounge: Yes, this site is more about development than design, but every Web site needs a solid foundation. They also carry design trends, Web 2.0 inspiration and more.
  14. Fadtastic: This blog functions as a multi-author Web design trends journal where a level playing field has become an inspirational move.
  15. Fudge Graphics: Use this site for inspiration, tutorials and freebies such as Photoshop brushes, textures and vectors.
  16. Fuel Your Creativity: This is the site to turn to when you hit that creativity brick wall. You’ll find inspirational articles and numerous links to resources.
  17. Function: This design company provides a useful blog that provides tips and tutorials on Web design and promotional tweaks.
  18. GraphicRating: Use this blog to learn more about those resources you want to use before you waste time using lousy tools and downloads.
  19. I love Typography: Although this blog is about “typography for the masses,” it also provides inspiration for any designer.
  20. Inspiredology: Use this site to get inspired, to learn about other Web designer, to catch up on the news and to take advantage of freebies.
  21. Just Creative Design: Jacob Cass launched his design blog in 2007, and he focuses on all areas of design and creativity.
  22. KnowteBook: This site is jam-packed with resources for Web designers and developers and also includes a community.
  23. Lines and Colors: Ah, the lost arts of drawing, sketching, painting and anything other than computer art…but what does this have to do with Web design? Elementary, Watson — it’s all about inspiration and new-found knowledge and skills.
  24. MeyerWeb: Eric Meyer wrote the book on CSS, so bookmark this site for eternal use.
  25. MyInkblog: Andrew Houle uses this blog as a resource for both Web and graphic designers.
  26. Noupe: Recently purchased by Smashing Magazine, Noupe offers frequent updates on topics such as CSS, Photoshop, WordPress, Ajax and more.
  27. OnextraPixel: This blog, simply, is dedicated to delivering useful, comprehensive and innovative information for designers and Web developers.
  28. Outlaw Design Blog: Tutorials and resources such as vector files, wallpapers, icons and Photoshop inspiration are available at this site.
  29. PelFusion: Look for hot tutorials, tools, inspiration, graphics, fonts and freebies from this site.
  30. Psdtuts+: Peruse this blog to view some of the best Photoshop tutorials around.
  31. pv.m Garage: This blog serves as a community that spreads “good and fresh informations” for Web designers and developers.
  32. [Re]Encoded: This blog is a resource for active Web designers and developers and for people who simply enjoy good design and want to learn more about the craft.
  33. Simple Bits: A well-known expert in the field of standards-based Web design, Dan offers his expertise and knowledge through this blog.
  34. Six Revisions: This site provides practical, useful information for the modern, standards-compliant web designer and web developer.
  35. SmileyCat: This Web design blog is home to Christian Watson, Web designer, who shares his tips and news that could make you or break you as a Web designer.
  36. Snook: This is Jonathan Snook’s playground, where you can watch him toss code and design from a private sandbox into a public space.
  37. Specky Boy: Logos? Typography? Photoshop? Inspiration? Specky Boy covers it all for Web designers and developers.
  38. Spoon Graphics: Chris Spooner uses this blog as his “digital playground,” where he offers Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials, design articles and free resource giveaways.
  39. Stylized Web: Stay on top of Web trends and tutorials through Ross Johnson’s blog.
  40. The Design Cubicle: Brian Hoff is a self-employed designer, and his blog has become so popular that he will be launching a new brand within a few months. The blog focuses on creativity and learning.
  41. The Man in Blue: Follow Cameron Adams as he pushes out news and tips on design, software and code from Australia.
  42. Tutorial Blog: This blog, created in 2005, provides Photoshop Tutorials as well as information on social media, writing, graphic design and more.
  43. Usability Post: This blog is all about tips and insights into good Web design practices. Use it early and often.
  44. VandelayDesign: This company launched a blog in 2007 and never looked back. The blog contains posts that focus on Web design and on development.
  45. Web Design Ledger: Written by Web designers for Web designers, this blog acts as a platform for sharing design-related knowledge and resources.
  46. Web Designer Wall: This site might be a bit too cutesy for your taste, but don’t overlook the trends, illustrations, tutorials and jobs posted here by Nick La.
  47. Web Resource Depot: This is the site to go to when your brain is blank. The resources listed here should help generate some great design ideas.
  48. Webdesigner Depot: This blog is a joint effort and collaboration among leading designers around the world, filled with passion for Web design and all its techniques.
  49. Webtoolkit2Me: Gerasimos must have a great blog, as someone tried to destroy all his content not long ago. He’s back, with a secure site and tons of great resources for Web designers.
  50. woork: Web design and development topics at this site include Ajax, CSS, typography, HTML, PHP, resources and more.

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