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50 Essential Free Open Courseware Classes for Web Designers

by admin on Nov 23, 2009

Web design is an increasingly important aspect of media and business. Because the Internet has become essential to the way we do business, find information and accomplish a number of other tasks, Web design truly is vital. And someone who understands Web design and can do a good job with it is valuable in a number of ways. If you are interested in improving your web design skills, here are 50 great open courseware classes for web designers: [click to continue…]

25 Incredibly Useful Color & Palette Tools for Designers

by admin on Nov 01, 2009

Web designers know how important color is to the look of a site. Indeed, color and palettes are essential. Whether you are looking to create a new look, or simple clean up something that is already there, color plays a huge role in web design. You can even design your own color palettes so that you put together a color scheme that is unique and attractive. Here are 25 useful color and palette tools that you can use in your web design efforts:

[click to continue…]

25 Essential FREEWARE Apps for Web Designers

by admin on May 04, 2009

Are you a Web designer, or a person who likes to create projects on the Web? You’re probably familiar with commercial products created by Adobe or Micromedia. You also probably know about WordPress apps. But, have you returned to try any of the free or open source design apps that have grown over the years?

The following list is small, but it includes many free apps that have become known and trusted by designers. We included a variety of offerings, including some that will help you organize your projects. The list is categorized, and each link is listed alphabetically under those categories. This method shows that we do not favor one design app over another. [click to continue…]

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