25 Most Popular Web Designers on Twitter

by admin on Apr 15, 2009

Do you know the influence that popular Web designers have on others? You can determine their influence, in part, by the number of people who follow them on Twitter. Granted, not all Web designers have a Twitter account, and you may not have heard of some of the highest-ranked Web designers listed below. This list provides Twitter contact information for the most popular Web designers who use this social media tool.

We used two lists to extract this information: 50+ Designers to Follow on Twitter at Vandelay Design and 100 Web Designers to Follow on Twitter at Digital Labz. We realized, shortly into both lists, that anyone with less than 2,000 followers would not make the cut. But, there are many Web designers in the 2,000-3,000 follower category worth following as well — and, some who have less than 500 followers who may soon rival those listed below. The list below is defined by followers, with the most popular at the top.

  1. @nicholaspatten – A video editor and graphic/Web designer, Patten has a colorful style and a generous personality with lots of give-and-take: 19,899 followers.
  2. @zeldman – A pioneer in Web design strategy and a man of influence, Jeffrey Zeldman lost his place at top of this list to Nicholas Patten within the past two weeks: 19,454 followers.
  3. @styletime – Roger Byrne is into social media and design, sharing inspiration originally from England, but now in Egypt: 17,433 followers.
  4. @simplebits – Dan Cederholm creates simple, readable interfaces balanced with a standards-based methodology in a tiny studio in New England: 14,281 followers.
  5. @meyerweb – Eric Meyer Web design standards guru and in cahoots with Jeffrey Zeldman: 11,994 followers.
  6. @ilovetypography – Johno is the founder of ilovetypography.com. He’s a typography fanatic: 11,897 followers.
  7. @cameronmoll – Cameron Moll is a designer, speaker, author, dad, star gazer, 1/4 Swiss, etc.: 10,961 followers.
  8. @ryancarson – Ryan Carson, located in the UK, is an energetic designer and entrepreneur with “creative integrity”: 10,672 followers.
  9. @mollydotcom – Many Web Designers know Molly E. Holzschlag as one of the most lucid writers about Web design, design standards and more: 9,057 followers.
  10. @imjustcreative – Graham Smith, located in England, loves Helvetica and dogs. He is a logo and graphic designer with twenty + years of experience: 10,735 followers.
  11. @justcreative – Jacob Cass is a designer, blogger, creative think and Uni student from Australia: 9,909 followers.
  12. @snookca – Snook “makes stuff on the Web.” He also is a gifted creator of striking designs, impeccable markup and code: 9,144 followers.
  13. @vpieters – You may know Veerle Pieters from her work with the Library of Congress in Washington DC for a project called “The Learning Page.” Hint: She’s colorful: 8,841 followers.
  14. @abduzeedo – A Web designer and blogger in Brazil. He’s so dedicated to his work that he skipped Carnivale in February! 8,107 followers.
  15. @chriscoyier – Chris Coyier bills himself as a “Lead cascader. Head tag closer.” His Css-tricks.com Web site is highly popular, too: 7,347 followers.
  16. @collis – Collis is a Web designer, entrepreneur, blogger and Web monster: 6,485 followers.
  17. @mezzoblue – Dave Shea is happiest when designing, building, or creating something that didn’t previously exist: 5,850 followers.
  18. @chrisspooner – Chris Spooner is a graphic and Web site designer from Sheffield and the guy behind Blog.SpoonGraphics.co.uk: 5,697 followers.
  19. @jcroft – Jeff Croft is a talented and prolific Web designer and a self-styled philospher: 5,536 followers.
  20. @adactio – Jeremy Keith is an Irish web developer who lives and works in Brighton, England. 5,384 followers.
  21. @danrubin – Dan Rubin is a real Renaissance man, a designer, singer, photographer and thinker: 4,471 followers.
  22. @jophillips – Designer by day, rock guitarist by night. Jon Phillips is founder of Spyre Studios in Montreal: 4,349 followers.
  23. @elliotjaystocks – Elliot Jay Stocks is a UK Web designer who enjoys “moving elements just outside their containing divs”: 4,150 followers.
  24. @danbenjamin – Dan Benjamin is a software developer, UI designer, and writer. He built 1/2 of Cork’d, all of Hivelogic, and the A List Apart CMS: 4,136 followers.
  25. @pearsonified – This is the original designer of the WordPress theme. He is not for hire, and he may or may not own an island in Dubai: 4,113 followers.

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