What Web Design Degree Programs are Available?

If you want to pursue a Web design certification, diploma or degree either online or on campus, it might help to understand the options available to you within that Web design program. Often, the term, “Web design” serves as an umbrella term that offers many different design programs and just as many careers.

Usually, students who opt for the diploma or A.A., or two year, degree spend time learning Web design basics. These courses can encompass the ability to master key software applications, fundamental design principles, Web content management – including writing for the Web, and basic HTML coding. You’ll learn how to design, illustrate, compile and produce visual communication solutions, especially for the Internet.

While many self-taught Web designers might scoff at the basic offerings in a minor Web design diploma or degree, this college education can be invaluable to help prepare a professional portfolio. Plus, your willingness to apply a college degree to your experience can help further your career options. If you become addicted to learning in a college atmosphere, you can make the decision to obtain a higher degree now or later.

Students who obtain a four-year B.A. degree in Web design may discover that many more options are available to them upon graduation. The four-year Web design program provides much more education, and usually is billed as a degree in “visual communications.” Visual communications encompasses the ability to communicate visually in many media, including the Internet.

The four-year degree provides Web design graduates with the ability to obtain jobs in game design, design management, advertising or marketing, teaching at the high school level or in vocational schools, programming and database management and more. The four-year Web design or visual communications student also studies topics such as writing, physics and statistics. Many design colleges have altered these courses to ensure that each topic applies to the design field.

Some Web designers who obtain a four-year undergraduate degree may decide to enter a new field of design for a master’s degree or for a doctoral program. Some students enter interior design, fashion design, multimedia design or industrial design programs. Some students may find a passion for software development or for writing. Many students may tell you that the more education they receive, the more opportunities seem to become available to them.

So, if you decide to enter college as a Web designer, you may learn that many other design or science options are available to Web design students who want to expand their horizons after the first two years. This is one reason why the choice of an accredited college is important, because if you decide to change your career later, accredited design courses can be transferred to another degree program in most cases.

The best way to understand all the options available to the Web designer who wishes to obtain a higher design degree is to look through information provided by various college Web sites and from the U.S. Department of Education. Many former Web design students now work in various professional occupations such as software engineers, architects, cartographers, broadcasters, public relations consultants and more.

Featured Online Web Design Schools

Web designersWeb design is a career field where persons with experience and expertise are in high demand. In order to get this expertise, you should consider enrolling in an accredited institution. Below is a list of top web design colleges where you can earn an online degree in graphics design or Website design.

American InterContinental University

American InterContinental University offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in visual communications with a specialization in Web design. This degree prepares students for many career possibilities, including Web designer, digital artist, Flash designer, and more.

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The Art Institute Online

Art Institute students learn the foundations of advanced design, the importance of usability and the programming languages necessary to execute a variety of static and interactive applications. With a strong portfolio students in this program may find entry-level positions with web and multimedia firms and corporations.

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Kaplan University

Kaplan University prides itself in having flexible schedules for those working professionals busy with their current jobs. At Kaplan's design school, students will learn all of the skills they need to pursue or further a career in Web site design.

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Sanford Brown University

The Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development program provides creative and technical education with a focus on advanced studies in programming, database management, and web administration while incorporating the basic theories of graphics, text, and interactivity for the web.

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