Campus and Online Web Design Colleges: What’s Right for Me?

If you want to study Web design, you have options to learn about this subject on campus or online. Both choices provide benefits to the student. The most important thing is that you pick an accredited school so you obtain a credible certificate, diploma or degree.

What you may find is that many more campuses now offer online courses. Online courses are ideal for someone who already has a job and/or a family, as online courses usually are completed at a pace that fits your schedule. Additionally, an online degree from a college in another state often becomes a more viable option if you can attend their classes online.

The online option works best for certifications, a diploma or for an associates degree or for the first two years of an undergraduate degree. The reason behind this logic is that these courses usually cover basic materials, such as HTML, CSS, Web development, writing for the Internet and computer networks. Those courses are easy to learn online, and they can be accomplished with supportive instructors and virtual ‘classmates.’

Self-educated Web designers also might find online courses a breeze to take, as those individuals may already be familiar with many online operations. The basic knowledge of how to use a ‘basecamp’ for online materials and the ability to communicate online is essential for these courses, and just as important for any Web designer to learn.

If you plan to obtain a higher degree in Web design, sometimes an campus situation works better than an online venue. The pursuit of a B.A. often entails learning two- and three-dimensional design, color management and other courses that benefit from hands-on construction and constant guidance from an instructor. These courses are included for anyone who wishes to study game design or any other Web application that incorporates two- and three-dimensional work.

No matter whether you decide to learn online or on campus, the world of Web design changes constantly. Your ability to learn and to take charge of your education is vital, as information about such topics as usability and accessibility seldom are seen in courses for the traditional design degree. This is where your ability to take charge of your education will benefit your future.

Free online courses also can help a potential Web designer learn more about the subject. These courses can help anyone understand the basics, and can help any college student better understand college courses in this subject. Additionally, These courses can help you practice online learning, a practice that many Web designers continue well after their college education.

Featured Online Web Design Schools

Web designersWeb design is a career field where persons with experience and expertise are in high demand. In order to get this expertise, you should consider enrolling in an accredited institution. Below is a list of top web design colleges where you can earn an online degree in graphics design or Website design.

American InterContinental University

American InterContinental University offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in visual communications with a specialization in Web design. This degree prepares students for many career possibilities, including Web designer, digital artist, Flash designer, and more.

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The Art Institute Online

Art Institute students learn the foundations of advanced design, the importance of usability and the programming languages necessary to execute a variety of static and interactive applications. With a strong portfolio students in this program may find entry-level positions with web and multimedia firms and corporations.

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Kaplan University

Kaplan University prides itself in having flexible schedules for those working professionals busy with their current jobs. At Kaplan's design school, students will learn all of the skills they need to pursue or further a career in Web site design.

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Sanford Brown University

The Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development program provides creative and technical education with a focus on advanced studies in programming, database management, and web administration while incorporating the basic theories of graphics, text, and interactivity for the web.

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