Are Online Web Design Degrees Accredited?

As you browse through Web design programs in search for a design school, you might notice that some schools promote regional or national accreditation. Some schools don’t carry any accreditation at all. Before you commit to any school, find out what accreditation means to you and to your future.

When a school obtains accreditation, this means that the school, its practices and curriculum have passed a quality-level evaluation by an accrediting body. When a school passes this evaluation, it obtains accreditation. An accreditation from a qualified organization encourages the school to continue with a certain level of performance, and it also provides the school with incentive to improve.

If you plan to attend a school that is accredited, you’ll discover that this accreditation is to your benefit in many ways. If you plan to seek federal or state financial aid, an accredited school choice makes the financial aid situation easier. Many financial institutions lean toward lending funds to a student who attends an accredited and credible school.

Additionally, if you plan to gain further education at another school in the future, an accredited school will supply you with credits that you can transfer to another school in mst cases. This ability to transfer credits is invaluable, as it helps you to save money and time. These transfers are like money in the bank, as they mean that you won’t need to take those courses again to meet the new school’s criteria.

For instance, say you attend a two-year design school that is not accredited and obtain an A.A. and a job upon graduation. After five years or so, you discover that you can’t advance in your career unless you obtain a higher degree. If you apply to a school for a B.A., that school may not accept any previous credits for your two-year stint at the previous college. This means you may need to attend college for four years to obtain that B.A., rather than two to three years.

Finally, your choice of school may affect your career. Many employers may require degrees from accredited schools for employment or for advancement. This is not discrimination, as many employers understand that education obtained from an accredited school often is superior to education obtained from a school that is not accredited. In some states, only graduates from accredited schools can obtain civil service jobs.

On the other hand, some employers feel that experience is more important than education from an accredited school. Still, you need to provide evidence of your skills and knowledge. You’ll need a portfolio that shows your best work, and often the best way to create that portfolio is through help from a professional Web design school.

With that said, some schools that are not accredited can supply excellent learning opportunities. And, these schools may not be as expensive as accredited schools. The choice is yours, and with a little knowledge about what accreditation means to you and your future, you can make a decision that best suits your situation. After all, your future boss might be an alumnus from that unaccredited school.

Some sources you can use to verify a school’s standing with accreditation include the U.S. Department of Education’s database and their information about the accrediting process. Many colleges and institutions of higher learning also carry their accreditation proudly, so you often can find that information on the college’s Web site. But, to ensure your future, be sure to check that information against information in the links above. Sometimes, a school will tout an accreditation that is, basically, worthless.

Featured Online Web Design Schools

Web designersWeb design is a career field where persons with experience and expertise are in high demand. In order to get this expertise, you should consider enrolling in an accredited institution. Below is a list of top web design colleges where you can earn an online degree in graphics design or Website design.

American InterContinental University

American InterContinental University offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in visual communications with a specialization in Web design. This degree prepares students for many career possibilities, including Web designer, digital artist, Flash designer, and more.

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The Art Institute Online

Art Institute students learn the foundations of advanced design, the importance of usability and the programming languages necessary to execute a variety of static and interactive applications. With a strong portfolio students in this program may find entry-level positions with web and multimedia firms and corporations.

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Kaplan University

Kaplan University prides itself in having flexible schedules for those working professionals busy with their current jobs. At Kaplan's design school, students will learn all of the skills they need to pursue or further a career in Web site design.

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Sanford Brown University

The Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development program provides creative and technical education with a focus on advanced studies in programming, database management, and web administration while incorporating the basic theories of graphics, text, and interactivity for the web.

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